Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cead Mile Failte’…

Cead Mile Failte’…a hundred thousand welcomes!

This Blog has been set in motion to express random thought on whatever topic comes to mind.

My real name is Edward E. Healy but for this blog I will use the signature name of “EEHealy”.

For some time I have used the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none.” This is because of my many interests over the years as well as the different career paths I have been traveling. I have been an Electrical-Mechanical Designer for about twelve years. I have done carpenter work, electrical work, auto repair and many other hands on jobs to keep my family feed. My main focus for over 25 years was as a Hospital Chaplain, Christian Counselor, and missionary while ministering with the Church of Christ. In my later years I began a business as a web designer and computer consultant which has carried over into retirement.

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I hope you find some of what I write encouraging and interesting.

The Best,