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Thoughts on Homesteading and Being Prepared

Thoughts on Homesteading and Being Prepared

Homesteading, Off-Grid Living, Being Prepared for living in the North Country.  In short, consider living as if it was the 1850s when our ancestors built community and a nation.

I have and continue to read and observe material produced by folks that are moving to the off-grid method and going back to nature or homesteading.  Many are searching and learning the old paths or old ways our ancestors lived in the mid 1800s or even 1700s in America.

One of the places we enjoyed taking our family to was the Old Sturbridge Village, 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road, Sturbridge, MA 01566.  Old Sturbridge Village plays a vital role in preserving early American history and has been an iconic New England destination since 1946. Check out their website at: There you will find many resources to the old ways of living that can be useful in an off-grid or grid down situation.

Now the reality of some EMP event or Grid Down event that would be long term needs to be considered.  With no computers, no power, no modern communications it quickly becomes important to have access to information that is written down in books.

A resource I have found to be loaded with information is the series of Foxfire books.  Each book has a treasure of details information on how to do the old ways.  In connection to reading material are the old sets of handbooks for the Boy Scouts. Then there are the old book sets of Encyclopedias and other such reference material.

Tap into the old timers in your community. Listen and learn from them the old ways.  Many old New England towns still have old farms and family homesteads that are loaded with tools and methods of the way things were done. Go and search out, learn and begin to do things the way our ancestors did. Learn the old trades and skills. Be prepared to start over from scratch.

Now be prepared and realize that life in the old days was not easy and romantic as we may think.  It was hard and dangerous.  Many families had many children to carry the work load and times were hard.  Sickness and death was very common.  In our area there are records of whole families being wiped out.  We have many little hamlets of five or more families that were gone due to a plague. Nothing left but old stone foundation holes.  In the 1800s when the Cholera Plague went through our local doctor lost all his children.

The reality of mortality is ever present.  This is why there needs to be faith.  Faith that looks to God and that faith need to have community with others.  Our ancestors were only successful and survived the hard time because they had faith.  Many old communities had small community churches as a place to gather and support those of like mindedness. This however is another topic that I may explore later.

More thoughts are coming.

Be Faithful - Be Ready - Be Safe - Be Prepared

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